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Swiss Church News

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If you are looking for the archive of our sermons, please visit the Sermons Download page.

AGM 2016 Documents

AGM 2016 – Agenda

AGM 2016 – Approved Minutes AGM 2015

AGM 2016 – Notice

AGM 2016 – Proxy Vote Form

AGM 2016 – Trustees Report and Financial Statements 2015



The Times_Reformation article by Ian Bradley_February 2017

Newsletter St.Gallen Tablat_Dezember 2016 (Seite 9-10)

Artikel Sempacher Woche

Doppelpunkt 19.05.2016

Bref 15.01.2016



Elections britanniques: édition spéciale de Forum


Floor Plans

Main Hall and Gallery


Previous Art Press Releases

‘Crystalline Vitrine’ by Richard Muller, March 2016

‘Endell Street’ by Andrea Gohl, November 2015