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Rebecca Birch

Thursday 29 November and Saturday 1 December 
Performances will take place every hour between 5.15 and 9pm. Admission is free but please book here if you would like to guarantee entry for a particular time slot (5.15pm, 6.15pm, 7.15pm and 8.15pm).

The Yellowing, Part 2 (Bell Mouth) is a new audio-visual performance, that brings the architecture and history of the Swiss Church into dialogue with the current life of a bell mouth intersection on the A583 in Lancashire. This bell mouth, as the gateway to a fracking site has, over the past two years, become inhabited as a place of reflection, action and togetherness.
The performance takes as its starting point the history of female social support work at the Swiss Church. This it connects to the activities in the bell mouth on Preston New Road, Lancashire, where the local community, particularly many older women, have held vigil since work on the site commenced in January 2017. During these two years, the site has played host to silent contemplation, knitting circles, speeches and song and dance, against a backdrop of frequently violent intervention from the police and security staff.
The performance will extend methods used in Birch’s previous performances—video, live narration and projected drawing—to recount a narrative that will gradually transform the architecture of the Church through projections, audio narration and objects. Starting from the histories of church and bell mouth, it will bring together stories of women from across the UK who take highly political actions, coming to them quietly, but with great determination. For many of these women, these activities are their first active political engagements, made late in life, and challenging their existing belief systems.
Refreshments will be served in the foyer throughout the evening.
The Yellowing, Part 2 (Bell Mouth)is a chapter in Birch’s wider project, The Yellowing, which connects women’s histories, landscapes and sub-surface geologies. The Yellowing, Part 1was shown in May 2018 at The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, as part of Fig-Futures. The project also includes a forthcoming feature-length film, Undermine, that follows the daily lives of the community of women affected by fracking in Lancashire, investigating the psychological implications of being undermined, environmentally, democratically and emotionally.
The Yellowing, Part 1 was commissioned by Fig-Futures, and supported by Art Fund, Arts Council England and Outset. The sister feature film currently in development, Undermine,has been supported by Arts Council England, FLAMIN (New Approaches) and Lancaster Arts.
Rebecca Birch has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. Her solo exhibitions include; Lichen hunting on the west coast, Fig-2 at ICA London, and the days run away, commissioned by Camden Arts Centre and Whitescreenat The Agency Gallery. Her group exhibitions include, Matt’s Galleryat Black Rock, Test Run at Modern Art Oxford, Multiplexing at LUX & PeckhamPlex, London. She is the recipient of a number of residencies and awards including, CCA Creative Lab Residency, Glasgow and LUX Associate Artists Programme.
The Yellowing, Part 2: Bell Mouth is part of Being and Appearing, a programme of contemporary art curated for the Swiss Church in London by Kirsty White – beingandappearing.org.uk.
Image: Rebecca Birch, Undermine (production still)
Kindly supported by The Swiss Church in London, Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust.