7 November – Sunday Service with Baptism

Events – Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

This week on  Sunday 7 November at 11:00 am we will be holding a Sunday service that includes a baptism.

Sunday services at The Swiss Church in London are open to everyone. You are all welcome.

The service will be led by our Minister, Reverend Carla Maurer. Prayers will be led by Gabrielle, and Elizabeth who is a Catholic theologian. The reading will be  from  Joshua 1:1-19 

Our Director of Music Peter Yardley-Jones will be playing our wonderful Späth organ. The hymns will be:

Grosser Gott wir loben Dich  ,

 Bread of Heaven, 

Bi de Taufi chömet mi – the Swiss German baptism hymn

All things bright and  beautiful 

 Amazing Grace.

Come and join us for this joyous occasion.