18 July – Online Audio Sunday Service- Swiss Church London

Events – Saturday, July 17th, 2021

On Sunday 18 July the Sunday Service by the Swiss Church London will be online.

Click here to listen to the Service, for the Order of Service including the sermon  and bible reading, and for the hymn sheet

The theme of the service will be : If someone turns you away, what do you do? 

Our Minister Reverend Carla Maurer writes:

We are Ambassadors of Christ. On one hand this is an encouraging message, but it is also a lot of responsibility…

We each bring our own unique talents and personalities to the table. Imagine you have been invited to join the twelve apostles preaching the Good News. You are going from door to door. Some food will open doors, and strangers will let you in.  Others will turn you away…

What do you do?

The Swiss Church in London appreciates your donations, and thanks you for your support and generosity in these challenging times.  You can find out how to donate  via the link  here.


This morning’s work of at is by Italian artist Ghirlandaio Domenico. It represents the sending out of the disciples by Jesus as told in the gospel of Mark. It is today’s bible reading.