What does the Swiss Church mean to me?

General News – Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

We recently asked Symeon some questions and we hope his answers will give you an insight into day-today life at the church.

What the Swiss church means to me in terms of my personal spirituality,?

I have never been part of a church as I never admired any of the priests in the traditional Greek Orthodox Church. I approached the Swiss Church in order to create a dance video and in the process Carla was appointed as the new minister. After a few quick discussions I had with her I felt she was authentic and a visionary. I trusted that she comes from the centre of true love for humanity and that really touched me. So I started being involved in various spiritual activities Carla had initiated such as prayer and pub and Easter vigil. There hasn’t been a time where I have been to one of her services and felt weird. So she has really transformed the idea of church in me. The Swiss Church has truly become a place where I can expand my spiritual practice but most importantly it has enriched me as a person.

How the Swiss church supported me as a young artist!

Both symbolically and practically when Carla became minister at the Swiss church she “opened” the doors of the building. Many people didn’t know that there was a church there. At the same time she welcomed me and supported me as an artist by letting me use the space for rehearsal, training and performances. In a place like London where there is so much competition usually most of the doors are closed. Carla and the Swiss church were very kind to welcome me and offer me some practical support. This led to my fist Funding from the Arts Council England which is a huge accomplishment for a young artist. And I don’t think I could have made it without the support from the Swiss Church.

How the church inspires me as an artist!

The silent elegance of the space together with its sacredness makes the Swiss Church a very inspiring place. I cannot separate it from its spiritual nature and when I am there I feel more complete. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to create some work in a space where my various parts of my personality come together. It is a place where the artistĀ self and the spiritual self come safely together.

Symeon Kyriakopoulos_headshot