Upcoming Exhibition: Ruby Wroe “no time for business as usual” | 11th – 14th April

Arts and Culture – Monday, April 3rd, 2023


Upcoming Exhibition: Ruby Wroe | “no time for business as usual” 

11th – 14th April 2024

Celebratory reception | Friday 12th April 6 – 8pm

Thursday – Saturday: 12pm – 6pm

Sunday: 12pm – 4pm


We are excited to announce “no time for business as usual”, the first solo exhibition and new film-work by London-based artist, Ruby Wroe.

Over the past six months, Ruby has been volunteering at the Swiss Church’s weekly breakfasts for people affected by homelessness, and getting to know different people connected to the church. Ruby’s proposition at the beginning of this process was to make a film that had the church’s communities at its core and involved its frequenters in its making.

no time for business as usual” plays with the expected roles people have within the community, mixing up who does what, when. Who is receiving, who is a making, who is allowed where, and when, are all hierarchies the film disrupts. For example, guests from Breakfasts on the Steps are invited to play the organ, an unwieldily and eternally new instrument.

Ruby’s practice considers the body as a sponge of social relations and she produces performances with people at their centre. These performances have often included groups of people – groups tied together, groups reading in unison, groups embracing. Over the last few years, she has been making work that sits at the intersection of film and performance documentation, exploring ideas around absurdity, negotiation and community.