Thinking out loud… Community in Covent Garden

General News – Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


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The many different communities in Covent Garden present both a joy and challenge for me as a community worker. There are housing estates, so we have local people, there are countless shops with both casual and full time staff that gives the area a transient and changing feel from one day to the next.

There is no dominant ideology or faith, being the Swiss Church we are a part of the mix. Sharing culture and tradition while at the same time trying to  be a part of something new and present, something here and now, that is a culmination everyone and everything. A living, breathing community that seems  never to be the same twice.

We are making friends with our neighbours. Tourists pop in from time to time. Next door is St Mungo’s who are such an important part of the community. We meet willing volunteers, friends and sceptical onlookers.

Breakfast on the Steps (Tuesday’s 8-10am) has been a good way to meet people without asking them to step inside a church, which for many can be a scary experience. The steps are a threshold, a liminal space, that gives passers by the choice of how close they would like to come. Some people want a coffee and a chat and others just like a ‘good morning’, some people don’t want anything for free “whats the catch?”. Different people, different stuff.

Here at the Swiss church we are excited about our community and we’re waiting on the steps to welcome people in. We hope to see you soon.