Sunday 6 September, 11:00am – Online Audio Service

Events – Monday, August 31st, 2020

After our traditional August summer break we resume Sunday Services on 6 September.
It will be an online audio service led by our Minister Reverend Carla Maurer, who will talk about faith and miracles in everyday life. She will take the story of Jesus Walking on the Water as her starting point, as told in the New Testament gospel of Mark, Ch6, vv.45-56. (Click here for the reading in English, French and German).

The audio recording will be available here from Friday afternoon, by clicking here.You’ll also find the Order of Service, Hymn Sheet and bible reading there too. Or you might prefer to listen at the normal time of our morning service- that’s 11:00 am.

We thank all those involved in bringing you the audio service, especially Julian Simmons for his sound engineering and editing skills, our Minister Reverend Carla Maurer, and Director of Music Peter Yardley- Jones.

This week’s artwork is a painting by Catalan painter Lluis Borrassa (1360-1426). Probably painted around 1415, it shows Jesus reaching out to St Peters on the Sea of Galilee.