Sunday 18 September 11:00 – Service for Buss-und-Bettag

General News – Sunday, August 14th, 2022


Sunday 18 September 11:00 am – Sunday Morning Service for Buss-und-Bettag , Le Jeûne Fédérale

On Sunday 18 September we will be paying respect to our Swiss roots and holding a morning service commemorating Buss-und-Bettag , Le Jeûne Fédérale.  Come along to discover more. You’ll receive a warm welcome.

The 18 September service will be led by our Minister Reverend Carla Maurer. The organ will be played by Peter Yardley -Jones our Director of Music. The Swiss Church London choir composed of members of the High Holborn Chamber Choir will accompany our congregation signing hymns in English, French and German.

Everyone is welcome at the Swiss Church In London, whatever your faith tradition or beliefs.  We looking forward to seeing you.