Goldsmiths Exhibition at Swiss Church 2019- 5th March- Opening Night

Events – Friday, February 15th, 2019

The opening night of the Annual Goldsmiths’ Exhibition at The Swiss Church London takes place on 5th March.

The Table was developed by Mariana Lemos in collaboration with artists Laura Mallows, Hannah Wilson, Rosa Johan Uddoh, Emily Perry and Munesu Mukombe

“The table¬†carries a variety of difering assocations. It evokes images of domestic intimacy, as well as ideas about horizontality and democracy. By default, however it also represents methods of hierarchisation and exclusion. Who gets aseat at the table? Containing the potential to facilitate spaces of equality as well as of discrimination, the table simultaneously embodies mechanisms of bothe inclusion and exclusion.

” A large wooden table is at the centre of the exhibition. It lays the foundations for realising and displaying the project:artworks, performances, video screenings and workshops aim at working through these dichotomies in our everyday lives”

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