Goldsmith’s Exhibition Opening Night – Monday 2nd March 7pm

Events – Sunday, March 1st, 2020

The 10th annual collaboration between The Swiss Church in London and Goldsmiths University presents an exciting week long exhibition.

In Nihilum – Into Nothing
Goldsmiths exhibition 3-7 March 2020

Opening Night: Monday, 2 March, 7pm

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“In Nihilum” is an exhibition and educational programme which reinvestigates Genesis creation myth in the contemporary context. The Swiss Church will become home to sculptures, performances and installations by six international emerging artists. In light of the present ecological crisis, “In Nihilum” moves the focus from creation to destruction. Upon exhibition opening, the works of all six artists stand united in the Church. Respectively embodying the accomplishments of every day of creation, each artwork will be removed, one by one, day by day, until we find ourselves in an empty space.
As God created the world ex nihilo [from nothing], the exhibition is created in nihilum [into nothing]. “In Nihilum” still leaves hope: once the space is emptied of art, it returns to its original function as a Church, a symbolic place of faith and redemption.
Curated by Aleksandra Shevchenko, Francisca Portugal and Pia Zeitzen
The above photograph is from the 2017 Goldsmiths exhibition ‘Hierophanies’.