7-10 June: Breaking Bread- Exhibition by Margaret Ashman

Arts and Culture – Saturday, May 28th, 2022


Exhibition: Breaking Bread by Margaret Ashman : 7-10 JuneThe artist, Margaret Ashman has been inspired by her own Christian faith to create an exhibition using poetry, dancers, film and etchings. In this work she explores themes of inclusivity, meeting together and fellowship within Christian worship. Breaking bread is a familiar phrase, which has a special resonance for those gathering around a Communion Table or altar in a church. Four dancers were invited to come to together in the beautiful space of the Swiss Church for one day and interpret the words of a poem about Communion written by the artist. The dancers chosen for this project are all deaf. The dance, incorporating movement and sign language, was choreographed by Hearns Sebuado, and danced by Nadia Nadarajah, Zoë McWhinney, Amy Gibbs and Sebuado. The dance was filmed by and edited into a six minute film by Emil Kunda.