19 September 2021- Sunday Service – Online Audio

Events – Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

19 September –  Sunday Service Online


The Sunday Service will be online. You can listen to the audio recording here


Carla is often  asked how she comes up with topics for her sermons. This time, she was inspired by the newsletter of the German-Lutheran Church in London where the Minister wrote about stairs. Carla found the following words in the Old Testament book of the prophet Isaiah: “The sunlight went back on the steps it had gone down.”


These words are part of the story of the final days of king Hezekiah, and how in his desperation God granted Hezekiah an extra 15 years to live. So, the sermon became about human mortality.


If you knew that tomorrow the world would fall in pieces, what would you do? How would you judge your current priorities, and what would you change?


These are questions we should all ask ourselves from time to time…

We thank everyone involved in the putting together of the online services- Service and Liturgy- Reverend Carla Maurer ; Recording and Sound Engineering – Julian Simmons ; Music Director – Peter Yardley-Jones ; Readings – Colin McIntyre ;Administration- Swiss Church Office Team

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