• Being and Appearing


Being and Appearing

Being and Appearing is a programme of performances and installations curated by Kirsty White for the Swiss Church in London. The programme is supported by Arts Council England and the Swiss Church in London, and aims to support artists to develop new work in response to the architecture or socio-historical context of the Church.
Being and Appearing takes its title from German-American political theorist Hannah Arendt’s conception of the ‘space of appearance’: a temporary space formed when actors meet to discuss matters of public concern. Focusing on site-specific performance-based practices, the programme considers the church as a public space in which communities meet, debate and then disband. The selected projects return performance to a place of worship—in Ancient Greece for example, temples were used for both theatre and religion—as well as referencing the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, celebrated in 2017.

Upcoming Projects:
Rebecca Birch, Thursday 29 November and Saturday 1 December 2018

Past Projects:
Melissa Gordon, Collision, Thursday 4 October 2018

Romany Dear, Saturday 30 June, 2018

Louisa Fairclough, VOICE IMAGES, 24 November 2017

Edwin Pickstone, Biblioclasm, 21 – 29 September 2017

Leonor Serrano Rivas, The Castle of Crossed Destinies, 9 July 2017

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